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Snow on Road at 5784 SILVER SPRINGS GA NW

Way way too I icy!! Southbound on Silver Springs Blvd at Silver Springs Gate! Also westbound on Silver Springs Gate going north on the Blvd!
OPENED 3 days ago #19-00114260

Snow on Road at 5225 6 ST NE

Very bad snow/ice at intersection
OPENED 3 days ago #19-00114129

Fence in a City park at 723 Varsity Estates Pl NW Northwest Calgary

Caller states the gate to the dog park near said location is not closing by itself with springs and that it needs to be manually closed and held closed with a rope.
CLOSED 3 days ago #19-00104041

Streetlight - Not Working Properly at 318 SILVERADO BANK CI SW

Streetlight not working
CLOSED Added to Streetlight Application. Added to streetlight app WR_ID=22902 - MC Feb 12,2019. - 3 days ago #19-00111676

Sign on Street/Lane/Sidewalk-Repair/Replace at 1700 68 ST NE

Yellow curb sign broken
CLOSED Initiate Work Order - 3 days ago #18-01202104

Snow on Road at 5542 STRATHCONA HL SW

Hill from strathcona onto bow trail extremely icy, second request for sanding. School Bus cannot navigate hill safely
OPENED 3 days ago #19-00113790

Snow on Road at 7798 OLD BANFF COACH RD SW

Old Banff coach road both directions from 85st to bow trail Nothing but sheet of ice, graded removed snow and left ice, no sanding truck seen in area but seen plowing priority 2 routes. This is priority 1, second request to have this...
OPENED 3 days ago #19-00113765

Debris on Backlane at 519 COPPERPOND BV SE

somebody threw their junk in our backlane close to public fence in front of our garagepls pick up asap ty[FQ-BEGIN: Is the debris causing a public safety issue or impeding traffic?:Yes | Do you know who is responsible?:No | Type of Debris...
CLOSED 3 days ago #19-00107830
Debris on Backlane at 519 COPPERPOND BV SE

City Owned Tree Concern at 368 QUEENSLAND DR SE

Tree along Queensland Drive on the east side of Queensland Drive with broken Branch On one of the Chokecherry's
CLOSED Completed - Close SR - 3 days ago #19-00111846

Snow on Road at 2718 17 AV SE

Extremely dangerous turn total ice rink. Please sand and salt.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. A unit has been dispatched to apply sanding material at this location; thank you. - 3 days ago #19-00113199
Snow on Road at 2718 17 AV SE