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Snow on Road at 3701–3799 35 St NE

snow on roadway on 35 st ne between 37 Ave and 34 Ave NE
CLOSED Field Inspection Required. Oct 28 Cbellamy: System testing of 311 Calgary App - input for testing only no action required. - 16 days ago #13-00535692

Snow on Road at 6100–6198 Dalcastle Link NW

Corner of Dalcastle Link and Dalcastle Dr. is VERY icy. Cars are sliding right through the intersection.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. 2013 11 05 GA: SNIC Priority 4 job. Dispatch a sander in due course, as per policy. - 16 days ago #13-00550624

Snow on Road at Stoney Trail NW

Overpass and pathway into scenic acres is very icy. Needs to be cleared and/or sanded ASAP.
CLOSED Redirect to Other Business Unit. pedestrian overpass over Stoney Trail... not Roads' asset. - 16 days ago #13-00554957

Snow on Road at 2–198 Skyview Shores Cres NE

Ice build up on the street is too high and now is starting to melt/refreeze on the sidewalks. Can you please have the ice on the street removed or the drains de-iced as it will be impossible to keep the sidewalks clean otherwise? Location...
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. JA - 1526 - The catchbasin is located in front of # 38 and is free and clear and all water reaching the catchbasin will drain. The city does not do snow removal from residential streets unless they are deemed impassible. Residents need to keep the gutter portion clear of snow and ice so as water can flow to the catchbasin, please clear this area when clearing your sidewalk. If not the sidewalk becomes the low spot that water ends flowing along during melting. There is gravel available at the Temple firehall to put down on your walk to help with traction on icy areas. No further action to be taken by roads Mtce at this time. With no contact information being left I wasn't able to speak with citizen making the request. - 16 days ago #13-00563278

Snow on Road at 248 COUNTRY HILLS PL NW

A thick layer of blowed snow and ice on the road
CLOSED Issue Resolved - Close SR. City crew dispatched to apply material and plowed snow off road. - 16 days ago #17-01006369
Snow on Road at 248 COUNTRY HILLS PL NW

Snow on Road at 274 TARAVISTA DR NE

Ice on road causing skidding, previous request closed without doing anything.
CLOSED Move to 7 Day SNIC Plan - 16 days ago #17-01011702
Snow on Road at 274 TARAVISTA DR NE

Snow on Road at 52 HAMPSTEAD CI NW

Will there be a snow fence put up this year? We had a snowfall earlier in October and there was snowdrifts that made the roads unusable with many vehicles stuck.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Oct 27, RH. Snow fence will be put up as usual on Hamptons Blvd like every other year but no fence is scheduled to be put on the Drive. - 16 days ago #17-01095547

Snow on Road at 23 COUGAR RIDGE GR SW

Corner of Pakapoo drive and 85th Sw is sheer ice
CLOSED Move to 7 Day SNIC Plan. * Sanding and plowing is ongoing - All residential roads will be ploughed following each snowfall with accumulations of five centimetres or greater. When excessively low temperatures preclude the use of truck mounted ploughs, graders will be used as required on a priority basis. Once temperatures fall, residential ploughing will commence. The purpose behind this policy is to ensure that the snow and ice does not ever reach a depth where rutting will cause difficulties. Additionally, routine residential ploughing and sanding will ensure that windrows are kept to a minimum. When ploughing or levelling of ruts occurs with trucks or equipment and windrows are created, the removal of the windrows will be the responsibility of the abutting property owner if action is desired. We ask for your patience. - 16 days ago #17-01113888

Snow on Road at 2 CANADA OLYMPIC VW SW

Multiple vehicles out of control and 5 crashes into lamppost on CORNER in 30 mins. Very icy, gradient and Olympic Park making snow as well as regular snow fall.
CLOSED 16 days ago #17-01113884
Snow on Road at 2 CANADA OLYMPIC VW SW

Snow on Road at 1140 LAKE SYLVAN DR SE

Bus can't make it up lake Sylvan dr SE. Almost took out 2 cars
CLOSED 16 days ago #17-01114946

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