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Street Cleaning at 114 NOLANLAKE VI NW

144th hasn't been swept
OPENED 6 days ago #19-00420651

Street Cleaning at 2123 5 ST SW

311 Response - Your concern has been forwarded to Calgary's Waste & Recycling Services Department. Calgary Waste & Recycling noted the following >>The middle of the "H" of this lane is too narrow for the equipment they use. >>>Our back l...
CLOSED 6 days ago #19-00407709

Street Cleaning at 1615 48 AV SW

Street cleaners were here just half hour ago and left big rocks on the street from construction site in front of my house. Please send them back to remove these big rocks. Thank you!
CLOSED 6 days ago #19-00382975

Street Cleaning at 25 FALTON DR NE

Shortly after our street was swept I put in a request for a re-sweep as it was poorly done and it was closed with nothing having been done. There is still gravel all over the road and should be properly swept, it's also not just the stree...
CLOSED 6 days ago #19-00417208

Street Cleaning at 132 AERO DR NE

Lots of gravel still on all the sidewalks which is a slippage danger for bikers wanting to travel safely down this road.
CLOSED 6 days ago #19-00417343

Street Cleaning at 115 NOLANLAKE VI NW

144 Avenue NW from Sarcee to Symons Valley Road NW has not been swept and Boulevard is full of "pickle" that will prevent grass growth & cutting. Residental areas have been completed.
OPENED 7 days ago #19-00415401
Street Cleaning at 115 NOLANLAKE VI NW

Street Cleaning at 687 MACEWAN DR NW

Significant amounts and piles of gravel remain after street sweeping, all over the intersection of 14th street nw and MacEwan drive. Bad for cars, dangerous for bikes.
OPENED 7 days ago #19-00414130

Street Cleaning at 2008 24A ST SW

During street cleaning vehicles from the block North parked on our block. I called in and was told the cleaners would come back. 2004 24a st SW. this happened last year also and I ended up having to sweep the street myself!
OPENED 7 days ago #19-00413922

Street Cleaning at 177 SIENNA HEIGHTS WY SW

4 sand bags left from cleaning weeks ago
CLOSED 8 days ago #19-00413183

Street Cleaning at 4735 17 AV NW

Street sweepers did not clean our block between Home Road and 46th St. The day prior to our scheduled cleaning one single sweeper drove down the middle of the street. The 2 scheduled days we saw zero sweepers. I work from home and sat...
CLOSED 8 days ago #19-00408444

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