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Street Cleaning at 208 40 AV SW

Paved alley behind 40 Avenue sw needs street cleaning.
CLOSED 5 days ago #18-00557273

Street Cleaning at 903 15 AV SW

New traffic signals-trenching backfill. Huge dangerous dip left behind. Hazard to cyclists. Code violation for road maintenance.
CLOSED Move to Future Hot Box List - Roadway. No cycle lane found at given address. No huge dip in road found. No danger found. Pothole found S/B 8 Street just south of 15 Avenue at curb. Not marked. - 6 days ago #18-00515532

Street Cleaning at 33 MASTERS PL SE

We had signs for street cleaning last week but never got done because the city were planting trees and never got cleaned up.
OPENED 6 days ago #18-00566103

Street Cleaning at 147 MARQUIS GR SE

Even though street cleaners went through there is still gravel all over the road even though cars were moved!
CLOSED No Action Required - Close SR. 2018-06-11 Rp1- - Inspected location pictures added showing sweeper tracks. Area was swept on 2018-06-04. this foreman counted 182 non-compliant vehicles parked on the road during this sweeping day. We request that citizens move their vehicle in order for the sweepers to do their job. The City has done their part to inform citizens to move vehicles off the road. The sweepers have clearly gone around something that was in the way. Area in question may be addressed during Summer Sweeping. - 6 days ago #18-00552124

Street Cleaning at 7305 CROWCHILD TR SW

311 Response - Your concern has been forwarded to Calgary Parks. Calgary Parks is aware and investigating. >>>Dust from construction can't even have food on table. It is still a park and should be able to enjoy instead of eating dust.
CLOSED Redirect to Roads / Other Business Unit - 6 days ago #18-00558876
Street Cleaning at 7305 CROWCHILD TR SW

Street Cleaning at 425 QUARRY WY SE

The city put up NO signs in around Quarry Park to warn residents to move their cars. The street is still full of gravel.
CLOSED 6 days ago #18-00553471

Street Cleaning at 11307 COVENTRY BV NE

I'm really concerned about the process used by the city to clean gravel off medians. I ride a motorcycle. For two months now, the roads have been nearly gravel-free. And then one day, they're completely covered with gravel because the...
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. The City tries to get a sweeper to make a pass of the driving lanes when this occurs. Thanks,. - 6 days ago #18-00557012

Street Cleaning at 5828 STONEY TR NW

Glass all over road on on-ramp to Stoney from Nose Hill Drive
CLOSED 6 days ago #18-00557099

Street Cleaning at Langton Dr SW Southwest Calgary Calgary

Streets are scheduled to be cleaned today at Langton Drive SW. Full Compliance from entire area with no cars on street since 7am. CofC Supervisors have been up and down the street numerous times today but there has been no activity on t...
CLOSED 6 days ago #18-00551073

Street Cleaning at 2802 16 AV SE

Drain plugged with gravel - needs sweeping
CLOSED 6 days ago #18-00559926
Street Cleaning at 2802 16 AV SE

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