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Shared Pedestrian and Cycling Path at 1436 90 AV SW

Swbrt new detail elevation of pedestrian bridge. Please email me a detailed drawing of the pedestrian bridge I would like to know exactly where the end of the ramps will be and were the new sound wall will be an heights.
OPENED about 21 hours ago #18-01182428

Shared Pedestrian and Cycling Path at 104 HARVEST CREEK CO NE

Plow swept now far off to the side of pathway. Didn't clear entire width. High ridge of ice from last melt will get buried in next snowfall and cause injury.
OPENED 9 days ago #18-01160947

Shared Pedestrian and Cycling Path at 892 96 AV NE

Injury slipping on iced up pathway. Road plows threw chunks of ice off road onto pathway. Pathway is badly ice up. Hasn't been salted.
OPENED 9 days ago #18-01160942


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  • Shared Pedestrian and Cycling Path (remove)