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Road Repair at 4257 16 AV NW

There are severe pot holes on 16 Ave NW heading eastbound, just before the exit to Bowness Road. These need to be filled ASAP, someone is seriously going to wreck their car on these.
OPENED about 3 hours ago #18-00165714

Road Repair at 1110 3 Ave NW

311 Response - Your concern has been forwarded to Calgary's Water Services Department. Calgary Water Services is aware and will respond. >>> Hi there we have an issue at 1110 - 3 Avenue NW there is an alley behind the building and the man...
CLOSED Completed. Please forward below grade WATS issues to WATS. Plugged manholes is not an issues Roads is equipped to deal with LINK: 18-00162973 WATS - Manhole Concerns LINKED Feb 22, 2018 08:42:08 AM. - about 11 hours ago #18-00154380

Road Repair at 698 DEERFOOT TR SE

Deerfoot Northbound from 17th ave to about 16th ave, the lanes on deerfoot have faded and hard to see at night. Needs new paint. A couple of places northbound all the way up to Stoney are faded as well.
OPENED about 21 hours ago #18-00162553

Road Repair at 7500 CROWCHILD TR NW

Crowchild from nose hill to Brentwood both directions the cracks and potholes are so bad wheels will bend. Need to slow down to avoid and will cause an accident
OPENED about 23 hours ago #18-00162407

Road Repair at 11204 6 ST SW

Man hole too high on the corner of 6th street and 6th street SW (not a typo) near Sacramento in Southland.
OPENED 2 days ago #18-00157709

Road Repair at 1009 26 AV SE

Sunken road
OPENED 2 days ago #18-00157246

Road Repair at 1623 CROWCHILD TR NW

Something that looks like an iron grate sitting in the middle of the ramp from University Drive to 16 ave eastbound
CLOSED No Action Required - Close SR. 02/19/2018 MM: No debris at any of the exit ramps described in SR as of 11:30am. - 3 days ago #18-00152160

Road Repair at 132 BEDDINGTON TR NE

There is a large pothole in the middle lane going northbound
CLOSED Move to Future Hot Box List - Nightshift. pPothole on hotbox list for repairs. - 4 days ago #18-00144813

Road Repair at 4106 16 AV NW

Several deep potholes
OPENED 4 days ago #18-00151449

Road Repair at 740 MACLEOD TR SE

This manhole is in front of city Hall in the right hand lane. I'm almost positive that it moves when someone drives over it.
CLOSED No Action Required - Close SR. 02-18-19-MN No issue at this time. will monitor this location. - 4 days ago #18-00150890
Road Repair at 740 MACLEOD TR SE

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