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Road Repair at 698 DEERFOOT TR SE

Deerfoot Northbound from 17th ave to about 16th ave, the lanes on deerfoot have faded and hard to see at night. Needs new paint. A couple of places northbound all the way up to Stoney are faded as well.
OPENED about 17 hours ago #18-00162553

Road Repair at 7500 CROWCHILD TR NW

Crowchild from nose hill to Brentwood both directions the cracks and potholes are so bad wheels will bend. Need to slow down to avoid and will cause an accident
OPENED about 19 hours ago #18-00162407

Road Repair at 11204 6 ST SW

Man hole too high on the corner of 6th street and 6th street SW (not a typo) near Sacramento in Southland.
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00157709

Road Repair at 1009 26 AV SE

Sunken road
OPENED 2 days ago #18-00157246

Road Repair at 4106 16 AV NW

Several deep potholes
OPENED 4 days ago #18-00151449

Road Repair at 15300 15 ST NE

I'm hoping you can help get my request to the appropriate party as I know if isn't a City of Calgary road, but I'm spinning circles to figure it out. As you take the exit from Cross Iron Drive towards Stoney Trail Southbound, the road is...
OPENED 4 days ago #18-00151111

Road Repair at 19287 CRANSTON AV SE

Tension wire road barrier has been stuck and needs repaired
OPENED 4 days ago #18-00151052
Road Repair at 19287 CRANSTON AV SE

Road Repair at 104 CRESTHAVEN WY SW

Three or four manholes on Cresthaven Rise and Crestmont Blvd have either sunken or risen to the point that they are a road hazard to cars and bikes. Repair is needed.
OPENED 5 days ago #18-00150672

Road Repair at 4106 16 AV NW

16Ave east bound at the exit onto Memorial drive is deteriorating quickly. A series of large potholes has opened up and are growing. It is bad enough that the city should post a warning sign indicating a hazard.
OPENED 5 days ago #18-00150670

Road Repair at 2928 DEERFOOT TR NE

Large , deep pothole
OPENED 6 days ago #18-00149461

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