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Street Cleaning at 240 CRANBERRY CI SE

The back alley was recently paved and there is leftover asphalt all over Cranberry Circle street
OPENED about 2 hours ago #18-00589056
Street Cleaning at 240 CRANBERRY CI SE

Street Cleaning at 408 BRUNSWICK AV SW

There is significant debris on 4th st sw south of 45th ave. It looks like someone used a sweeping machine to remove gravel and other debris from the grass along both sides of the road. The road is a bike friendly road and this debris is r...
OPENED about 3 hours ago #18-00588990

Street Cleaning at 2016 1 ST NW

Our street (1 Street NW, between 19 and 20 Ave) wasn't cleaned last spring/summer and so far nothing this year either. Large sections of 20th Ave west of Centre Street are still covered in gravel as well. If the city is going to spend 6 m...
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00586763

Street Cleaning at 3635 9 ST SW

Alley sweeping
OPENED 1 day ago #18-00586723

Street Cleaning at 249 Airport Trail NE

Westbound airport trail between Barlow and 19 st ne. Missed a large portion, crews cleaned next to curb but about 1 vehicle length out there is still a big strip of material not swept up from the inside lane and shoulder.
OPENED 3 days ago #18-00581462

Street Cleaning at 212 20 AV NW

I have purchased this house in 2008 every single year I ask about street cleaning? And every year I am told my neighbourhood is done .every year I call and complain that they do the side roads but Miss 20th ave all the way down from Edm...
OPENED 3 days ago #18-00580617
Street Cleaning at 212 20 AV NW

Street Cleaning at 230 ARBOUR CREST CL NW

crowfoot crescent still has lots of gravel on it. it looks like section was forgotten. it's on the north west part, near the intersection with 200 crowfoot gate, on the curve, making this section very hazardous to motorbikes. thanks
OPENED 4 days ago #18-00577276

Street Cleaning at Adams Crescent SE Southeast Calgary Calgary

Waste and Recycling sanded the lane due to massive snow/Ice this past winter. Yet to clean up. Please forward to waste & recycling as there is NO way to let them know to clean up the gravel they left on this paved laneway.
OPENED 5 days ago #18-00571872

Street Cleaning at 318 QUARRY PARK BV SE

Gravel/garbage on roadside. It appears a contractor or roofer did a 'midnight dump' of stuff right on the side of the road.
OPENED 5 days ago #18-00568842

Street Cleaning at 33 MASTERS PL SE

We had signs for street cleaning last week but never got done because the city were planting trees and never got cleaned up.
OPENED 6 days ago #18-00566103

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