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Dead Animal Pick-Up at 3001 DOVER RIDGE DR SE

Deceased cat under stop sign
OPENED 22 days ago #19-00363649

Dead Animal Pick-Up at 19781 MACLEOD TR SE

Dead rabbit
OPENED 23 days ago #19-00360034

Dead Animal Pick-Up at 1904 GLENWOOD DR SW

[FQ-BEGIN: Type of Animal:Deer | Describe the animal (colour, size, any ID, tags or markings etc.).:A deer was lying on the lawn accompany by another deer | Is the animal on Public or Private Property?:Public | If on road, what direction...
OPENED 10 months ago #18-00714142

Dead Animal Pick-Up at 107 GRAFTON DR SW

Dog left outside for all hours of all days, incessant howling. Not like a good, moon sighting or fire truck kind of howl, like a desperate, sad, alone and thirsty kind of howl.
OPENED 10 months ago #18-00709416


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