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Pothole Repair at 1029 11 Av SW

Horrible pot hole or heave in a square shape. I think I wrecked my car.
OPENED about 3 hours ago #22-00842602

Pothole Repair at 125 4 Av SW

Road has been dug up, large potholes in middle of intersection. Plate required.
OPENED 3 days ago #22-00832901

Pothole Repair at 1484 32 Av NE

Sunken manhole cover on 32nd Ave NE just after the sign for 15th St heading westbound towards Deerfoot. Pothole is on the right side of the right-hand lane directly before the road goes from two lanes to three.
OPENED 4 days ago #22-00832737

Pothole Repair at 1818 14 St SW Lower Mount Royal

I would like to submit an inquiry on the rear lane (between 13st/14st) north of Bagot Ave as the back alley is dangerous and covered in potholes. The road itself is a disaster and I am hoping to get some help if the city will repair.
OPENED 11 days ago #22-00816454

Pothole Repair at 6518 Sarcee Tr NW

OPENED 12 days ago #22-00808187
Pothole Repair at 6518 Sarcee Tr NW

Pothole Repair at 252 Ranch Estates Dr NW

OPENED 13 days ago #22-00811806

Pothole Repair at 6500 4 St NW

Sunken manhole cover right before the left turn lane. I can't remember if it's near Centre or 4th St NW, but it's going westbound on 64th Ave.
OPENED 2 months ago #22-00672402

Pothole Repair at Hawkwood Dr NW Hawkwood Calgary

Man hole sink in at intersection of John Laurie Blvd & Hawkwood Dr NW
OPENED 2 months ago #22-00669977

Pothole Repair at 203 Covecreek Ci NE

Pothole. On Coventry Hills Way. At T intersection to Coventry Station.[FQ-BEGIN: Where is the pothole?:Paved Public Road | Is this a sinkhole (cave-in) or sunken (rectangular) utility cut?:No | Specific details of the issue::Large and dee...
OPENED 2 months ago #22-00663096

Pothole Repair at Ca Hanson Ranch Calgary

Big pothole in the middle of the entrance road to the parking lot; has been there for at least a year and getting bigger
OPENED 3 months ago #22-00657289

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