Report Concern Not Listed at 130 NOLAN HILL DR NW

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311 Response - Concern falls under the jurisdiction of Calgary Police Services. Please contact Calgary Police directly at 403-266-1234 (non emergency) or 911 (emergency). >>> The man who lives here sits in his window naked screaming at anyone who walks by with a dog. He has the mail box beside his house and starts fights with anyone who has a dog and stops to get the mail. This has been a huge problem all summer. He has screamed disgusting things at my 6 year old. Talking with other neighbours their children are terrified to walk their dogs or go get the mail. This is harassment and the people of this community would appreciate if someone would go tell him to stop do

Nature of inquiry: Request for Service


coordinates x,y: -11248.96295103406, 5670898.106741458

coordinates lat,lng: 51.17408752435136, -114.1608657380038

ward: 2

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