On-Street Cycling Lane - Cleaning at 2421 9 AV NW

OPENED 14 days ago #17-00779242
Submitted Aug 02, 2017

The city does dust control in my back alley. However when the dust control solution is applied it always stops before they reach my house. So when cars come down the hill and turn at my corner there is no dust control solution on my area of the road. Can you have the truck come back and spread the solution on the gravel beside my house. The driver always stops spraying about 20 feet before the pavement begin. So the gravel section beside my house is untreated. Please the attached picture

Issue: OTHER089

address: 2421 9 AV NW, CALGARY,

coordinates x,y: -8252.01552466452, 5658159.044729034

coordinates lat,lng: 51.0596195, -114.1177166666667

ward: 7

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Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:59pm Opened
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