Road Repair at 60 HIDDEN VALLEY LI NW

CLOSED Redirect to Other Business Unit - 8 months ago #17-00814650

After left turning lane was installed, paved & lanes painted for a couple of weeks. The turning lane was blocked off at the beginning of this week, making turning left onto north bound Beddington trail. There has been no sign of any work since barricade installation. Can these cones be relocated back to the centre lane until work is ready to resume? Thank you.

Issue: General Inquiry

Specific location details: Hidden Valley Link and Beddington trail.

Type of Road: Bus Route - Main Community Feed


coordinates x,y: -7418.35571011074, 5668595.664913639

coordinates lat,lng: 51.1534521424627, -114.1060388185937

ward: 3

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