Debris on Street/Sidewalk/Boulevard at 78 COUGARSTONE CI SW

CLOSED 9 months ago #17-00910912
Submitted Sep 06, 2017

Recycling trucks filled Papertown the road while picking up recycling Bins[FQ-BEGIN: Is the debris causing a public safety issue or impeding traffic?:No | Type of Road:Residential | Type of Debris:Boxes / Paper Bundle | Specific details of the issue:Shredded paper all over the road | Specific location details to assist the Roads crew in locating the debris:78 Cougarstone Circle All along road | Include any details of who discarded the debris (if known), such as Vehicle Plate number, house number etc... :x | What traffic lane is the debris in?:Centre Lane | What direction of travel if known.:Westbound | 311 handheld app link to photo csr: FQ-END]

Any public safety concern? No

Type of Debris: Boxes / Paper Bundle

Type of Road: Residential

Specific Details of issue: Shredded paper all over the road

Specific Location Details: 78 Cougarstone Circle All along road

What traffic lane is the debris in? Centre Lane

Direction of travel if known: Westbound


coordinates x,y: -14925.612233344606, 5659337.615344602

coordinates lat,lng: 51.07007978777867, -114.2129649329334

ward: 6

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