Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 15920 56 ST SE

CLOSED TMC Tech Review - 8 months ago #17-00940078
Submitted Sep 13, 2017

Turning left and going right there is too much traffic during rush hour to move people through

Concern: Left Arrow Timing

Road you are travelling on: Stoney off ramp to 52 nd se

Direction of Travel: South

Time of Day: PM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: Coming from east Stoney turning left on 52 be ave SE the length of the lights aren't moving enough traffic through during the pm rush hour and since there is no other way to get into auburn bay or Cranston from Stoney it's extremely busy. Please look at adjusting the length of the lights to move people through this important intersection thanks

address: 15920 56 ST SE, CALGARY,

coordinates x,y: 3636.891328784017, 5641227.798199085

coordinates lat,lng: 50.90745833333333, -113.9482883333333

ward: 12

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