Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 2 SHAWVILLE BV SE

CLOSED TMC Tech Review - 9 months ago #17-01039523

Left signal sensor

Concern: Left Arrow Timing

Road you are travelling on: Shawville blvd

Direction of Travel: North

Time of Day: Midday

Describe Issue: At the intersection of shawville blvd and Shawnessy blvd: the left signal sensor is so touchy. If someone is not up far enough, the signal won't activate. I've waited so many lights behind people because someone wasn't smart enough to move up. VERY frustrating. Please fix it so that it goes on every time.


coordinates x,y: -4891.0306003330625, 5641835.327740699

coordinates lat,lng: 50.91291072476169, -114.0695519543341

ward: 13

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