Sign on Street/Lane/Sidewalk- Request for new at 3 HOGARTH CR SW

OPENED 9 months ago #17-01039799
Submitted Oct 11, 2017

Conflicting parking signs at crosswalk lead to unsafe parking

Issue: Permanent Sign (Add or Modify)

Details of request: The two signs at this crosswalk and parking zone provide conflicting rules: the green parking sign says parking is good for 1 hr from the edge of the crosswalk into the south direction. Crosswalk sign says no parking for 5m on either side of crosswalk. Cars park at the edge of this crosswalk frequently creating an unsafe crossing at this elementary and preschool with many small children around the area. Request updated signs to better state no parking zone next to the crosswalk for 5 m.

Specific location details: On east side of Haddon Road SW, northbound direction, at Akiva Academy school / Calgary Early Learning Centre.


coordinates x,y: -5492.860392087443, 5648566.824007744

coordinates lat,lng: 50.97342066937217, -114.078211616831

ward: 11

Timestamp Description
Wed Oct 11, 2017 04:45pm Opened
Wed Oct 11, 2017 04:43pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone