Sign on Street/Lane/Sidewalk- Request for new at 1698 29 ST NW

OPENED 11 months ago #17-01213408
Submitted Dec 05, 2017

Going southbound on 29 st there are 4 lanes at the intersection, with no signage what to do and no lanes painted. There are only two lanes once you cross the intersection and they don't line up with the middle two lanes. I have seen dual turns left, far right lane going straight - no one using the 2nd inside lane . I thought the two inside lanes went straight and was cut off by a postal van who was also going straight but wanted the inside lane once through the intersection

Issue: Roadmarking (Add or Modify)

Details of request: Signs indicating turn, straight through and temporary lane markings in intersection as middle two lanes don't line up with two lanes on south side of intersection

Specific location details: 29 street south bound through 16 avenue nw intersection

address: 1698 29 ST NW

coordinates x,y: -9051.563350340126, 5659144.679617778

coordinates lat,lng: 51.068468, -114.129147

ward: 7

Timestamp Description
Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:57am Opened
Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:56am Submitted via iPhone Iphone