Debris on Street/Sidewalk/Boulevard at 2107 194 AV SE

OPENED 10 days ago #18-00033553

Multiple dog poop baggies on the side of the road. Local dog park near pine creek waste water treatment plant has no garbage can. I guess it's too much work for pet owners to take garbage home. There's also a Christmas tree.

Any public safety concern? No

Location of Debris: Roadway

Type of Debris: Household Items

Specific Details of issue: Lazy pet owners

Specific Location Details: All along the shoulder of this road going into the pine creek waste water plant. Coloured poop bags are quite obvious in the snow.

What traffic lane is the debris in? Roadside / Sidewalk

Direction of travel if known: Northbound

address: 2107 194 AV SE

coordinates x,y: -873.9581182209843, 5637453.390881446

coordinates lat,lng: 50.87353730906558, -114.0124174777714

ward: 14

Timestamp Description
Wed Jan 10, 2018 06:40pm Opened
Wed Jan 10, 2018 06:38pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone