Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 6626 ELBOW DR SW

CLOSED TMC Tech Review - 9 months ago #18-00037363

Poor timing of 4 sets of lights in a row for traffic going northbound on Elbow Dr between 69th Ave and Malibou Rd SW at 9am weekdays.

Concern: Signal Timing

Road you are travelling on: Elbow Dr SW northbound

Direction of Travel: North

Time of Day: AM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: Both lanes of northbound Traffic in Elbow Dr was backed up from Malibu Rd to Heritage Dr SW this morning and other snow event mornings due to poor timing of 4 sets of lights. Only a handful of cars get through each light and then have to stop for full light cycle at next light. This continues through all 4 sets of lights. No need for this. Need much longer green lights and better timing to clear traffic through onto Glenmore westbound or Elbow downtown. Once past this bottleneck traffic is smooth sailing.

address: 6692 ELBOW DR SW

coordinates x,y: -5829.831274557671, 5650867.968765129

coordinates lat,lng: 50.9941042308125, -114.083046564331

ward: 11

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