Snow on Road at 116 VARSITY GREEN BA NW

OPENED 9 days ago #18-00042222
Submitted Jan 14, 2018

The cyclist posting the SR in the attached pic is being dramatic and ridiculous. I drive 53rd st every day and the bike lanes are clear. So clear that on fri jan 12 as all the cars were sliding on the road and unable to stop at 4 way stops, one cyclist was using bike lanes on 53rd and flying through 4 way stops without stopping. enough of this ridiculous pandering to whiny cyclists and making bike lanes priority one clearing. People are falling on sidewalks, can't cross at crosswalks because of snow piles, cars not able to get out of their residential streets, intersections are like ice rinks, but god forbid the 10 winter cyclists in a city of over 1 million people have a speck of snow in a bike lane. Get some common sense.

Issue: Marked Bike Route (on street)

Location of concern: Bus Route - Main Community Feed

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address: 116 VARSITY GREEN BA NW

coordinates x,y: -11524.812764630416, 5662039.884206112

coordinates lat,lng: 51.09445053364608, -114.1645272811232

ward: 1

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Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:44am Opened
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