Road Repair at Sheriff King St S

CLOSED Redirect to Roads / Other Business Unit - 11 months ago #18-00131529

311 Response - Your concern has been forwarded to Calgary's Roads Roadmarking Department. Calgary Roads is aware and investigating. >>>Intersection of Sherriff King and Silverado Blvd SW. Going northbound on Sherriff King is it one or two lanes at the lights??? Not indicated anywhere.

Issue: Uneven Surface

Specific location details: Going northbound on Sheriff King just south of the intersection of Silverado Blvd SW people are making two lanes when it is only 1 lane. It is not marked/painted as two lanes. it is too narrow for 2 lanes right at the intersection. but people are insisting on squeezing right up beside you to make it two lanes. Please fix this.

Type of Road: Bus Route - Main Community Feed


coordinates x,y: -4989.744755016174, 5638899.046069628

coordinates lat,lng: 50.886512853014885, -114.07091559252933

ward: 13

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