Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 13098 52 ST SE

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Alternative traffic light suggestion

Concern: Signal Timing

Road you are travelling on: Westbound Traffic on 130th ave SE

Direction of Travel: West

Time of Day: AM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: We've lived in copperfield for 6 years. With the added traffic heading west on 130th ave SE, we regularly see stacked traffic all the way down to McIvor Blvd, sometimes passing Copperpond Blvd and beyond. 130th ave is only 2 lanes and widens slightly approaching 52nd street. In the morning rush hour commute, it usually takes up to 15 minutes to reach 52nd street (and with snow, closer to 25 minutes! ... the distance is less than 3km). Moreover, most of the traffic exiting the area is heading north on 52nd street. There is a yield sign to head north and during a green light for east/west traffic only a few cars are able to make it though the yield sign each signal cycle (thus creating the ridiculous back up of we see 3kms away). Something should be done; perhaps widen 130th so more traffic heading west can get through? Or perhaps change the lights so that westbound traffic has a long enough light that more than a few cars can get through the yield sign?

address: 13098 52 ST SE

coordinates x,y: 2966.7916370858898, 5643890.345546138

coordinates lat,lng: 50.93139826409026, -113.957794592355

ward: 12

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