Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at Millican Rd SE

CLOSED Mist Number Recorded 5 Times - 10 months ago #18-00133542

Too short of green (15 seconds) for vehicles turning north onto Ogden Road from Millican Road. Has been an issue since November.

Concern: Signal Timing

Road you are travelling on: Millican Road

Direction of Travel: North

Time of Day: AM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: Green for turning onto Ogden Road (north bound) from Millican Road is too short. Length is only 15 seconds. Took three lights to get onto Ogden Road this morning. Length of green for Ogden Road is 75 seconds.

address: 2185 MILLICAN RD SE

coordinates x,y: -705.2234930083564, 5651462.934975114

coordinates lat,lng: 50.99948194529682, -114.01004714390251

ward: 9

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