Report Concern Not Listed at 3010 ROXBORO GLEN RD SW

CLOSED Information Provided - 9 months ago #18-00228528
Submitted Mar 12, 2018

311 Response - Calgary's Animal Services Department requires name, address and telephone number of the complainant in order to initiate investigation. Please call 311 directly to submit an Animal Services concern. >>> While walking my two dogs (who were on a leash), I ran into a woman and her offleash dog on the ridge overlooking Roxboro. I was informed the dog was friendly and approached with caution and said I'd prefer if her dog was leashed, which she didn't react to as she was picking up her dog's waste. Once I passed her dog I continued walking and her dog approached my dogs from the rear, mostly just sniffing my dogs, thankfully. I again said I'd prefer if her dog was leashed and was told to "Go F--- myself". This is becoming a real problem in this park, where owners are letting their dogs roam free. My smaller dog was bitten in the neck a couple of weeks ago by a woman's dog, who also said her dog was friendly. Fortunately, I managed to shelter my dog and he came out with just a small bite. Just to be clear, this is the park on the ridge and not the offleash park adjacent to the Elbow.

Nature of inquiry: Request for Service

address: 3010 ROXBORO GLEN RD SW

coordinates x,y: -4584.146488435965, 5654307.831573346

coordinates lat,lng: 51.02503911173806, -114.0653451034207

ward: 11

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