Sidewalk - Walkway Repair at 38 SHAWNEE GV SW

OPENED 3 months ago #18-00229150
Submitted Mar 12, 2018

Stairs damaged by city bob cat attempting to clear snow. Snow not cleared and now stairs are damaged. More photos available if needed

Nature of Concern: Trip Hazard

Type of Sidewalk: Asphalt

Specific Details: Walkway at the end of Shawnee Grove. Have complained numerous times throughout winter that area needs to be cleared. Told by city only responsible for stairs.Saw a bob cat go to the walkway and apparently down the walk way and stairs.Damage on stairs

Specific Location: Walkway at end of Shawnee Grove SW

address: 38 SHAWNEE GV SW

coordinates x,y: -6505.518468311008, 5642960.685625885

coordinates lat,lng: 50.92301166666664, -114.0925305

ward: 13

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Mon Mar 12, 2018 05:06pm Opened
Mon Mar 12, 2018 05:04pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone