Street Cleaning at 303 23 AV SW

CLOSED about 1 year ago #18-00343567
Submitted Apr 15, 2018

My concern is that in recent years boulevards, grassy dividers and other landscaped areas adjacent to roadways are not being cleared of gravel during the annual spring street cleaning. Gravel and salt kill the grass and the attractiveness of our city suffers. I recall when this used to be done but the contracted street cleaning crews no longer appear to concern themselves with areas that are no hard surface. What is the city's policy on removing gravel from ALL areas adjacent to roads?

Issue: Sweep Request

Type of Road: Residential

address: 303 23 AV SW

coordinates x,y: -4832.331676942025, 5655077.484758034

coordinates lat,lng: 51.03195607097599, -114.0688931335446

ward: 11

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Sun Apr 15, 2018 08:57pm Closed
Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:28pm Opened
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