Sidewalk - Walkway Repair at 5005 DALHOUSIE DR NW

OPENED 11 months ago #18-00347955
Submitted Apr 16, 2018

Nature of Concern: Cracks / Crumbling

Type of Sidewalk: Concrete

Specific Details: Huge chunks of concrete has been removed from sidewalk

Specific Location: Along the fence beside LRT Park & Ride and between the two crosswalks, closest to the second crosswalk beside LRT Park & Ride which is near the green newspaper stand.

address: 5005 DALHOUSIE DR NW

coordinates x,y: -11276.460876113886, 5663210.686029599

coordinates lat,lng: 51.10498052349448, -114.1610184006434

ward: 4

Timestamp Description
Mon Apr 16, 2018 06:58pm Opened
Mon Apr 16, 2018 06:58pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone