Sign on Street/Lane/Sidewalk- Request for new at 529 WALDEN DR SE

OPENED about 1 year ago #18-00446132
Submitted May 13, 2018

Proof read before print?

Issue: New Painted Crosswalk Request

Details of request: No need to change just a ...FYI on miss proof read before printing. "Distrub" s/b "Disturb"

Specific location details: Sandwich board signs

address: 529 WALDEN DR SE

coordinates x,y: -2638.665654862599, 5637036.600079668

coordinates lat,lng: 50.869785, -114.037488

ward: 14

Timestamp Description
Sun May 13, 2018 02:26pm Opened
Sun May 13, 2018 02:25pm Submitted via Android Android