Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 504 3 ST SE

CLOSED TMC Tech Review - 12 months ago #18-00461781
Submitted May 16, 2018

This intersection design is not accommodating to pedestrians, and now the signal has been changed to make pedestrians wait through two light cycles before crossing this highway to get to their homes. When the 'no left' sign is in action, please allow pedestrian crossings. Thanks.

Concern: Pedestrian Walk Time

Road you are travelling on: 3 Street SE

Direction of Travel: North

Time of Day: PM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: All day, every day, North and southbound, pedestrians cannot cross while traffic is stopped. Pedestrians are crossing anyways, against the light.

address: 504 3 ST SE

coordinates x,y: -3887.695653613773, 5656882.715037749

coordinates lat,lng: 51.04819177767074, -114.0554451087872

ward: 7

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