Shared Pedestrian and Cycling Path at 8210 FORTRESS DR SW

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Submitted Jun 10, 2018

Have submitted this twice before with no action. Culvert is washed out, water flows freely across the path and is being eroded more each day. In the winter this area floods and becomes a skating rink for 100m or more. Path is accessed via 200 block of Fortress Bay SW or from Fortress Rise SW. Path runs NW from Fortress Rise and problem area is about 100m in from start of pathway.

Issue: Washout - Sinkhole

Date Noticed: Fri May 04, 2018

address: 8210 FORTRESS DR SW

coordinates x,y: -14530.996424057816, 5654132.804587528

coordinates lat,lng: 51.02330037247451, -114.2071256523294

ward: 6

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