Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 1000 ACADIA DR SE

OPENED 12 days ago #18-00683713

Traffic Lights Cycle Too Frequently

Concern: Pedestrian Walk Time

Road you are travelling on: Intersection of Anderson Road and Acadia Drive

Direction of Travel: Unknown

Time of Day: Midday

Describe Issue: The lights at Anderson and Acadia cycle too often. Happens consistently throughout the day. It seems like the walk button on the east side of Acadia, to cross Anderson, is permanently being "pushed", despite no pedestrian being present. This has made backups during rush hour more prevalent, due to the lights being green longer for travel north and south on Acadia.

address: 999 ACADIA DR SE

coordinates x,y: -2948.7517505878227, 5645772.4195148125

coordinates lat,lng: 50.948318, -114.041964

ward: 11

Timestamp Description
Tue Jul 10, 2018 08:24pm Opened
Tue Jul 10, 2018 08:23pm Submitted via Android Android