Debris on Street/Sidewalk/Boulevard at 1128 20 AV NW

OPENED 7 months ago #18-00686111

House 1124 isunder renos for a couple months now and has left mud on city sidewalk. I dont like walking through it each day with baby stroller its disgusting

Any public safety concern? Yes

Location of Debris: Sidewalk

Type of Debris: Construction Items

Specific Details of issue: Mud on sidewalk is not fun to walk through...un professional of these builders to leave this mess for months

Specific Location Details: 1124 20 ave nw

Type of Road: Major Road

What traffic lane is the debris in? Roadside / Sidewalk

address: 1128 20 AV NW

coordinates x,y: -6065.268563216453, 5659392.596342913

coordinates lat,lng: 51.070736, -114.086543

ward: 7

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