Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 12158 SYMONS VALLEY RD NW

CLOSED TMC Tech Review - 8 months ago #18-00909668

All street lights in front of Creekside shopping center

Concern: Signal Timing

Road you are travelling on: Southbound and northbound

Direction of Travel: Unknown

Time of Day: AM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: It is not normal to have to stop at every lights when there's no traffic at 4am. The lights are literally favoring the shopping center when there's no one coming out of it. The lights just changes constantly. This morning I hit every single one of them. Why? It's 4am. No one is shopping. It's infuriating. There's what, 4 or 5 lights...?! Why is it that at 4am the lights are doing this when there's no one to trigger the sensors? What is going on in this city? Shouldn't major roads be favored?

address: 12129 SYMONS VALLEY RD NW

coordinates x,y: -8868.328827676381, 5669535.366513471

coordinates lat,lng: 51.161879, -114.126788

ward: 2

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