Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 5859 17 AV SW

CLOSED TMC Tech Review - 7 months ago #18-00999018
Submitted Oct 11, 2018

Pedestrian crossing out of sync with traffic at Sirocco Dr and 17th Ave SW

Concern: Pedestrian Walk Time

Road you are travelling on: Crossing 17th Ave SW from with Sirocco Dr SW or Costello Blvd SW

Direction of Travel: South

Time of Day: PM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: What on earth gives with the pedestrian light timing for the Sirocco/Costello - 17th Ave SW crossing? Pedestrian signal seems to be out of sync with traffic. For example today: was trying to cross 17th Ave from Costello Blvd to Sirocco Dr, traffic lights red in all directions except for traffic south on Costello, with an advance for the left onto eastbound 17th. Completely clear for a pedestrian to cross parallel to traffic (opposite side of advance), yet the crosswalk continued to show no cross the entire time.

address: 5859 17 AV SW

coordinates x,y: -11858.407504285527, 5655744.774299825

coordinates lat,lng: 51.03785283333333, -114.1690833333333

ward: 6

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