Shared Pedestrian and Cycling Path - Repair at 200 Memorial Dr NW

CLOSED Completed - Close SR - 12 months ago #18-01136914
Submitted Nov 26, 2018

The path down from crescent road to the curling club. Although plowed not all snow is removed (it needs to be ) as some melting during the day and then freezing later makes it incredibly icy and dangerous to walk on. Additionally the plot leaves a big ridge of snow near the stairs to the ramp to descend the last two flights to the payment below. That zone needs to be cleared as well

Issue: Debris on Pathway

Date Noticed: Mon Nov 26, 2018

address: 200 MEMORIAL DR NW

coordinates x,y: -4774.937424779614, 5658032.90851906

coordinates lat,lng: 51.058525, -114.0681138333333

ward: 7

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