Road Maintenance at 152 SHERWOOD SQ NW

OPENED 6 months ago #19-00022495

Southbound Shaganappi trail has had a number of protruding manholes from the developers for a few years. Last year they fixed the manhole 30 meters north of this one but left this was a nasty bump. Not sure why they didn't fix both. This one is southbound Shaganappi in both lanes but more so the left lane, it's about 25 meters north of Kincora Gate NW. Motor vehicles are always swerving around it either across the fog line into the shoulder. As it's a relatively new road it shouldn't have been left in this condition by the developer, could we get this repaired.

Issue: Uneven Surface

Specific location details: Southbound Shaganappi Trail both lanes about 25 meters north of the street identified as Kincora Gate NW

Type of Road: Bus Route - Main Community Feed

address: 152 SHERWOOD SQ NW

coordinates x,y: -10453.183412580063, 5669963.286750759

coordinates lat,lng: 51.16569904552401, -114.1494585742369

ward: 2

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Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:24am Opened
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