Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 51.04N 114.03W

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Submitted Jan 09, 2019

Recent change of right lanes east and west bound at intersection of 9 Avenue And 17 Avenue SE severely limits through traffic, particularly in peak periods. Right turns on red from westbound 9 Avenue to 17 Ave often end very wide for traffic traveling on green light from 17 Ave to 9 Ave westbound. I live in east Inglewood and these changes make it very frustrating to get to and from my home.

Concern: Left Arrow Timing

Road you are travelling on: 9 Avenue SE

Direction of Travel: West

Time of Day: AM Rush Hour

Describe Issue: Right lanes of 9 Avenue have been made right turn only lanes. In absence of left turning arrows both east and west bound on 9 Avenue this severely limits straight through traffic due to vehicles turning left. Further, westbound right turn only lane on 9 Avenue results in wide right hand turns in red lights. Recommendations: either enable peak time straight traffic in right lanes of 9 Ave in both directions, limit left turns at peak periods or add left turn arrows to 9 Ave light cycle. Further, limit westbound right turns on red due to tight radius onto 17 Ave (near hairpin).

address: 1556 9 AV SE

coordinates x,y: -1770.354294182209, 5655717.205778135

coordinates lat,lng: 51.03772458206895, -114.0252425538901

ward: 9

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