Traffic Signal - Timing Inquiry at 6001 17 AV SW

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Traffic Lights are synchronized to favour cars over pedestrians way too much.

Concern: Signal Timing

Road you are travelling on: I'm a pedestrian and often a cyclist that uses this light often to cross 17 Ave. When there are trains coming the lights do not allow pedestrians to cross even though pedestrians are trying to get to the train. Concern is that many people get impatient and cross against the light to try to catch the train. Someone is going to get hurt. Yesterday I waited 8 minutes as trains came from east and then west and in between the lights allowed cars to move on 17 Ave without allowing pedestrian movement.

Direction of Travel: North

Time of Day: Midday

Describe Issue: As I said in last box when there are trains coming the lights do not allow for pedestrians (who are leaving the station (south bound) or trying to catch a train (north bound walking) to cross 17 Ave. When only one train it's not a bad wait but if trains approach from west and east at similar times the wait is too long and people start to try and cross to catch the train putting themselves at risk of collision with a car. The wait times are too long and clearly prioritize cars over pedestrians. I thought we were trying to get people out of cars to reduce CO2 loads.

address: 6001 17 AV SW

coordinates x,y: -11922.127240724478, 5655704.271033418

coordinates lat,lng: 51.03748740299302, -114.1699905458696

ward: 6

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