Snow on Pathway or City-maintained Sidewalk at 1551 Memorial Dr NE

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Submitted Nov 08, 2019

The pathway along the zoo on the north side of the river has only been cleared on one side. I know it will melt by the end of the day but if it were a typical November day, it would be ice for several more days. I don't know what happened for this last snowfall but I know you can do much better than this? What happened to the guys with the Jeeps. They did such a great job. The part that was cleared was done with a bobcat instead. I just hope this was an isolated incident and not part of future budget cuts.

Type of Location: Pathway

address: 1551 MEMORIAL DR NE

coordinates x,y: -1968.635956520621, 5656643.889355408

coordinates lat,lng: 51.04605457829769, -114.0280747823497

ward: 9

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