Shared Pedestrian and Cycling Path - Repair at 50 Promenade Wy SE

CLOSED Complete. WAM SR# 1547787. - 9 days ago #21-00244926
Submitted Wed Apr 07, 2021

I submitted the following with SR 21-00161693 and have not been contacted by parks. I would like to be contacted: SR21-00161693 I submitted this original request just over 2-years ago was was asked to be patient. Original SR# 18-01194523 Just following up, I'm still keen to see this happen. I've lived in Mackenzie Towne for several years and something that has frustrated me for some time is that the paved pathway around Inverness Pond is not continuous. There is a gap on the west end of the pond of about 350m. Attached is a screenshot showing the existing paved path in green and the gap shown in red. Since the path is not continuous, your choices are to detour quite a way through the neighborhood or to walk on a muddy/snowy goat trail at the edge of the pond. The gap in the paved pathway has become especially apparent to me in the past few months as I recently had a baby and the stroller doesn't fair well on the muddy/snowy goat path. In the winter the goat path is icy and quite slippery. I would like to see a continuous, asphalt, proper, safe pathway around the pond

Issue: Request for New

Date Noticed: Wed Apr 07, 2021

address: 50 PROMENADE WY SE

coordinates x,y: 2374.1212757776843, 5641911.312358148

coordinates lat,lng: 50.9136096555964, -113.9662387633837

ward: 12

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