Road Repair at 429 15 Av NE

OPENED almost 3 years ago #21-00610716
Submitted Tue Aug 17, 2021

For twenty years all of us have asked hundreds of times for you to PROPERLY fix the back lane. Instead you give us useless lip service and maybe push some dust into the holes which is USELESS! It is time to correctly fix the lane. This will require 3-5 loads of gravel a grader and someone who knows what they are doing. Do NOT give us the usual BS answers. Do NOT ignore this notice! Call me to explain what solution you plan. When you will execute and what you will do if your solution like the las

Issue: Gravel Roads Maintenance (including dust concern)

Specific details of the issue: The lane is below surrounding area and becomes a lake. It must be raised and sloped towards Edmonton trail. NO I will not accept the usual reasons that you refuse to repair it!

Specific location details: Lane between Edmonton trail and 4 Street and between 14-15 Avenues.

Type of Road: Gravel Road

address: 429 15 AV NE

coordinates x,y: -3810.08042259264, 5658815.144968908

coordinates lat,lng: 51.06556428259366, -114.0543585212473

ward: 9

Timestamp Description
Tue Aug 17, 2021 05:25pm Opened
Tue Aug 17, 2021 05:23pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone