Sign on Street, Lane, Sidewalk - Request for New at 626 23 Av SW

OPENED 5 months ago #23-00501972
Submitted Wed Jul 05, 2023

Better & clearer off-leash dog signage needed.

Issue: Permanent Sign (Add or Modify)

Details of request: On a daily basis, dozens of dog owners take their dog off their leashes on the stairs, soccer pitch, and playground. If you look at the off-leash signage, you can see that the off-leash area is in the tree area on the hill, south of the stairs. Better signage showing dogs must be on a leash is needed.

Specific location details: Park by wooden stairs

address: 626 23 AV SW

coordinates x,y: -5346.470049689181, 5655164.000950038

coordinates lat,lng: 51.03272927859726, -114.0762243225391

ward: 8

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Wed Jul 05, 2023 07:44am Opened
Wed Jul 05, 2023 07:42am Submitted via iPhone Iphone