On-Street Bike Lane - Repair at Tuscany Dr NW Tuscany Calgary

CLOSED 9 months ago #23-00601441
Submitted Thu Aug 10, 2023

This road construction was a joke from the beginning. Whomever did this work was completely unhinged from start to finish and for their final finale, someone decided they needs to drive some sort of tar covered large construction vehicle up onto the sidewalk, over the school property/ grass, leaving tar and unnecessary damage all the way. If I could submit more photos, I could do it justice. This needs to be looked into as I see no reasonable reason why it was necessary to drive where it did.

Issue: DUSGR001

Specific details of the issue: BS unhinged road repair work, creating unnecessary damage to school property/ landscaping.

Specific location details: Tuscany drive- out front of Eric Harvie School

Type of Road: Paved Public Road

address: 179 TUSCANY RIDGE TC NW

coordinates x,y: -17803.613539814927, 5665408.570291362

coordinates lat,lng: 51.124573, -114.2543283

ward: 1

Timestamp Description
Thu Aug 17, 2023 06:51am Closed
Thu Aug 10, 2023 10:08pm Opened
Thu Aug 10, 2023 10:08pm Submitted via Web Web