On-Street Bike Lane - Repair at 224 Cornergate Ro NE

CLOSED about 1 month ago #24-00235438
Submitted Wed Apr 03, 2024

Our back alley needs maintenance as it's very smooth and too much mess

Issue: DUSGR001

Specific details of the issue: Need gravel road

Specific location details: Back alley of given address

Type of Road: Gravel Road

address: 224 CORNERGATE RO NE

coordinates x,y: 4583.174147143179, 5668851.783785066

coordinates lat,lng: 51.15578425456157, -113.9344842909207

ward: 5

Timestamp Description
Sat Apr 06, 2024 01:16pm Closed
Wed Apr 03, 2024 11:27am Opened
Wed Apr 03, 2024 11:26am Submitted via iPhone Iphone