Pedestrian and Cycling Pathway - Repair - WAM at 17 Cityspring Wk NE

CLOSED Complete. WAM SR# 1643896. - 3 months ago #24-00247051
Submitted Mon Apr 08, 2024

Truman builder contractors have destroyed the park in front my property and operates not in safety matter on the construction. Many times they left the cranes blocking walking path, and while using it they do not place any signs and ruined the lawn and the path.

Issue: Debris on Pathway

Date Noticed: Fri Apr 05, 2024

address: 17 CITYSPRING WK NE

coordinates x,y: 3278.9052224875277, 5668256.540041742

coordinates lat,lng: 51.15044223, -113.95313401

ward: 5

Timestamp Description
Mon Apr 08, 2024 01:08pm Closed with status: Complete. WAM SR# 1643896.
Mon Apr 08, 2024 08:22am Complete
Mon Apr 08, 2024 08:14am Opened
Mon Apr 08, 2024 08:12am Submitted via Android Android