On-Street Bike Lane - Repair at 1002 Panorama Hills Dr NW

CLOSED 30 days ago #24-00345979
Submitted Fri May 10, 2024

Water/sewer line protruding above street level. Broken with sharp edges

Issue: Manhole (too high or too low only)

Specific details of the issue: Water line extending above street level. Already broken and causing damage

Specific location details: Near intersection of Panorama Hills Drive and Panorama Hills Rise NW

Type of Road: Paved Public Road

address: 1002 PANORAMA HILLS DR NW

coordinates x,y: -5993.843848106149, 5668601.069625112

coordinates lat,lng: 51.15351741437212, -114.0856768016098

ward: 3

Timestamp Description
Thu May 16, 2024 04:19pm Closed
Fri May 10, 2024 01:40pm Opened
Fri May 10, 2024 01:39pm Submitted via iPhone Iphone