Report Concern Not Listed at 220 4 AV SW

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311 Response - Calgary's Animal Services Department requires concerns regarding animals be reported directly by calling 311. As specific mandatory details are required and many concerns are urgent, an animal officer can be dispatched in a timely manner as required. >>> How is having a "link" under 311 to promote stewardship better assisting ALIVE Companion Animals not a city of Calgary issue? That was the 311 reply. If WE pay taxes that support 311 website then guess is an ISSUE. It is what multiple consumers expect...check your stats...hundreds of "Alive Animal" submissions BUT no designated category other than current dead animal? Usually 311 still says call back without action or a link to resources. Effective? Calgary 311 Your Issue is to do what the taxpayers require of you. Follow your mandate. Link concerns to the appropriate resource/ agency. Simple. Are we a world class city ready to host the Olympic Games? The vote of Non-Confidence also applies to other areas. YYC has horrible road conditions. Infrastructure? Not even a Subway (LRT) to the airport. Traffic calming measures for feeder roads? Clean bike paths? Disabled Citizens challenged even further by being stuck in their homes? Multiple Senior Citizens slipping :( This 311 site paid for by taxpayers has no link for animal concerns. Very classy. We could do better to benefit those who have no voice. But YYC 311 says it's not their issue? Ie Pet at large needs assistance Ie Pet owner failed to clean up waste Ie Pet left in inclement weather Etc.

Nature of inquiry: Website Comments

address: 220 4 AV SW

coordinates x,y: -4674.369235326582, 5657084.510288942

coordinates lat,lng: 51.04999999999998, -114.066667

ward: 7

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