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Street Cleaning Schedule is available on the web page: * Vehicle TOWING or TICKETS associated with Street Cleaning, contact Calgary Parking Authority directly at 403-537-7100. *For issues on DEERFOOT TR or STONEY TR NORTH of 16 AV NW / 17 AV SE call 403-543-8750. *For issues on STONEY TR SOUTH (Macleod Tr East to 17 AV SE) - call 1-877-898-7623. *For issues on STONEY TR SOUTH (Macleod Tr West to Glenmore Tr SW) call 403-212-0565.

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Street Cleaning

Roads Street Cleaning program runs annually mid April - end of June. Inquiries may include cleaning schedule, street cleaning signs, parking issues (not related to enforcement - related to street cleaning), sweep requests and re-sweep requests.

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Roads will investigate your concern within 7 days and will only contact you if more information is needed.


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