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*For Blue, Black, Green bins do not create this request. Scroll down to the Other category and create a Report Concern Not Listed request. *If you know who placed the debris, this is a Bylaw Infraction, do not create this request, create a Dump/Encroach on City Property request. *Call 311 for Hazardous Material or Shopping Cart concerns. *Call 403-266-1234 for Functional Bike concerns. *DEERFOOT TR or STONEY TR NORTH of 16 AV NW / 17 AV SE call 403-543-8750. *STONEY TR SOUTH (Macleod TR East to 17 AV SE) call 1-877-898-7623. *STONEY TR SOUTH (Macleod TR West to Glenmore TR SW) call 403-212-0565.

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Debris on Street/Sidewalk/Boulevard

Use this Service Request to pick up and clear debris from City roadways, sidewalks and boulevards. This includes concrete barrier used in detours and construction areas that are either moved out or relocated from it's original location.

Service Level Agreement

Roads will investigate your concern within 7 days and will only contact you if more information is needed.


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