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Fences along Deerfoot Tr or Stoney Tr North (16 Av NW - 17 Av SE) - call Carmacks 403-543-8750. For Stoney Tr South (17 Av SE to Macleod Tr) - call Chinook Operations at 1-877-898-7623. Do NOT save this SR. If offender know, enter info under specific details.

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Fence - Sound Barrier Wall Concerns

Use this Service Request for City owned fences and retaining walls regarding concerns such as damage, vandalism, and general maintenance. Examples of city owned fences are, chain link, gates, guard rails, noise barrier walls, post and cable, retaining walls and temporary construction fences. Also use this SR for requests to lock or unlock gated roads. If the fence is located between a City road and private property, then fence repairs are the property owner's responsibility.

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Roads will investigate your concern within 10 days and will ONLY contact you IF more information is needed


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